Participants and Groups

Large Group Photo

Entire Group.

Group 1

Group 1: Kate Costanzo, Erickson Smith, Evelyn Robles Vega.

Group 2

Group 2: Megan Armentrout, Stephanie Sapp, Erik Minges.

Group 3

Group 3: 2k+1 Permutations - Sanjeeka Silva, Toby Shearman, Roza Konopacka.

Group 4

Group 4: Team MAKdaddy - Madeline Weiss, Khoon Yu Tan, Ashley Myers.

Group 5

Group 5: The Confounding Variables - Alicia Israel, Jim Manning, Terri Johnson.

Group 6

Group 6: Widad Abdalla Mukhaimer, Veronica Canseco, Yajing Gao.