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Graduate Studies


Graduate Education is a major focus of CRSC faculty and staff. Opportunities for graduate students range from classes, seminars and workshops in applied mathematics to the Industrial Applied Math Program and research fellowships. Here's what one graduate said about her experiences:

"I highly recommend the graduate programs and courses in the Department of Mathematics at North Carolina State University for their diversity and academic quality. However, it was my experience through the CRSC and exposure to interdisciplinary research with scientists in industry that helped me develop the professional skills and rigor needed for research in academics and industry."
-Dr. Yue Zhang, Class of 1997

Mathematical Modeling Course

    A 'hands on' experimental experience which will prepare students for summer internships in interdisciplinary projects. Actual industrial and governmental projects are studied and students are exposed to all aspects of research including modeling, experimental design, data collection, simulation, and inverse problems. Topics include: size-structured population models, thermal conduction, structural modeling (vibration analysis of beams and plates), acoustics and structural acoustics, fluid flow and gas dynamics, and electromagnetics (pulse interrogation of materials and magnetorheological fluids).

Industrial Math Modeling Workshops

    Each August since 1995, the Industrial Math Modeling Workshop has been held at North Carolina State University. The goals of this workshop are to expose 36 graduate students in Mathematics and statistics to challenging and exciting real-world problems from industry and government laboratories, and to introduce students to the team approach to problem solving.

Industrial Applied Math Program (IAMP)

    This program provides substantive non-academic research-related experiences for graduate students, postdoctoral and faculty participants while contributing to the research efforts of industrial participants. These experiences, involving participation in an industrial, governmental lab or agency or other non-academic research project, facilitates the development of participants' ability to communicate and interact with scientists who are not traditional mathematicians but who have an interest in quantitative aspects of science and engineering. As of 2001 this program involves approximately 23 projects, 14 faculty, 4 postdocs, and 20-25 graduate students. Student participation can be either on a year-long or summer internship basis.

Research Fellowships

    Many of our graduate students receive full research fellowships from such organizations as the US Department of Education, the Department of Homeland Security, and the National Science Foundation. See the directory page for current examples.



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