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F.H.H. Semazzi

Dr. Semazzi recieved his Ph.D from the Department of Meteorology at Nairobi University in 1983.

Currently, Dr. Semazzi's primary research interests include Computer Climate Modeling Computer Atmoshperic Numerical Model Development.

Most recently, Dr. Semazzi has worked on Computer Simulation of the Sahelian Droughts Development of a Global Non-Hydrostatic Atmospheric Model.

Recent papers include:

  • Optimal Accuracy in Semi-Lagrangian Models
    Monthly Weather Review (September 1994) Vol. 122, 2139-2159.
  • A CCM1-MM4 Nested Model Study of the Influence of Sea-Surface Temperature Anomalies on the Sahelian Climate
    (December 1993). J. G. L., 20, 2997-2900.
If you would like to contact Dr. Semazzi, he can be reached at

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