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Tomoya Takeuchi, CRSC Postdoctoral Assistant


  • 2007, PhD, Mathematical Sciences, The University of Tokyo
  • 2003, M.S, Mathematical Sciences, The University of Tokyo
  • 2001, B.S, Mathematics, The University of Tokyo

  • Research: Inverse Problems, Theoretical and Numerical Analysis for Solutions to PDEs, Industrial Mathematics.

    Recent Publications
    1. L. Ling and T. Takeuchi: Point sources identiocation problems for heat equations, CiCP Communications in Computational Physics 5 (2009), no. 5, 897-913
    2. Y.C.Hon and T.Takeuchi: Discretized Tikhonov regularization by a reproducing kernel Hilbert space for backward heat conduction problem, University of Tokyo, UTMS Preprint Series 2008-30 (2008)
    3. T. Takeuchi and M. Yamamoto: Tikhonov regularization by a reproducing kernek Hilber space for the Cauchy problem for elliptic equation, SIAM J. Sci. Comput 31 (2008), no. 1, 112-142
    4. L. Ling and T. Takeuchi: Boundary Control for Inverse Cauchy Problems of the Laplace Equations, Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences 29 (2008), no. 1, 45-54
    5. An accurate refinement scheme for inverse heat source location identifications. L. Ling, and T. Takeuchi. CMES Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences. 20(2): 99-110. 2007.

    If you would like to contact Dr. Takeuchi, he can be reached at: or .




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