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Research Activities

Directed by Dr. H.T. Banks, the CRSC is a multidisciplinary center which curently encompasses many research projects, groups, programs, and a series of technical reports.

Research Areas


Examples of Past Projects



Condensed Matter Theory of Materials  
Elastomer Modeling  Lord Corporation
Environmental Modeling and Restoration Tyndall AFB, Brooks AFB, and UNC-Chapel Hill
Estimation and Control of Electromagnetic Energy Brooks AFB and Lord Corporation
Estimation and Inference for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems UC San Diego and Cal Tech
Financial Mathematics  
First Passage Time Problems in Biology  
Inverse Problems in Nondestructive Evaluation NASA Langley Research Center
Magnetorheological Fluids Lord Corporation
Modeling and Control Issues Concerning Smart Materials with Hysteresis Iowa State University and Lockheed Martin
Modeling and Control of Transport Processes in High Pressure Vapor Transport Reactors NCSU Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Modeling in Granular Materials  
Modeling, Numerical Approximation, and Control of Aeroacoustic Noise Boeing Company
Numerical Weather Prediction  
Optimization of Noisy Functions NCSU department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UNC-CH, and the North Carolina Supercomputing Center (NCSC)
Rate Distribution Models for Size Structured Population Dynamics University of California -- Davis, University of Southern California, and Universitat Graz, Austria
Waves in Random Media Biomechanical Modeling of Orthopaedic Soft Tissues,   Duke University Medical Center


CRSC / Math Instructional and Research Laboratory

    The Center for Research in Scientific Computation (CRSC) has developed its own teaching experimental laboratory where students are exposed to experimental design and data collection through demos and actual hands-on experience.


Collaborative Groups

    The Center for Research in Scientific Computation (CRSC) encourages its researchers to work with others in government research labs and private industry as well as those in academia.


Industrial Applied Math Program (IAMP)

    The main goal of the program is to provide substantive non-academic research-related experiences for graduate students, postdoctoral and faculty participants while contributing to the research efforts of industrial participants. These experiences, involving participation in an industrial, governmental lab or agency or other non-academic research project, facilitates the development of participants' ability to communicate and interact with scientists who are not traditional mathematicians but who have an interest in quantitative aspects of science and engineering.


CRSC Technical Report Series

    The CRSC maintains an on-line listing of all our technical reports (1992-present) as well as making many of the reports available in poscript form for you to download.

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