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Workshop on
Future Directions in Applied Mathematics

March 10-11, 2011
Richard Albanese Brooks Air Force Base
H.T. Banks North Carolina State University
Michael Demetriou Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Ralph C. Smith North Carolina State University

Description Speakers Schedule
Talk Titles, Abstracts, and Slides
Shuttle Walking Maps

Support: Provided by the CRSC and NSF Research Training Group: Mathematics of Materials through the grant DMS-0636590 EMSW21-RTG Program.


This workshop will provide a forum that highlights emerging problems and applications in which it is expected that mathematics will play a fundamental role. The areas to be addressed include electromagnetics and nondestructive evaluation, biological applications including control strategies for diseases, advanced materials including emerging polymers and transductive compounds, alternative energy including bio-energy and model-based design of nuclear reactors, mathematics of psychology, and mathematical models for climate change and the environment. All of these applications are highly interdisciplinary and require collaboration between teams of disciplinary and mathematical scientists to achieve present and future objectives.


Invited Speakers:

Brian Adams (Sandia National Laboratories)
Richard Albanese (Brooks AFB)
John Burns (VA Tech)
Dan Cacuci (North Carolina State University)
Fioralba Cakoni (Delaware)
Alexander Figotin (UC Irvine)
Max Gunzburger (Florida State University)
Chris Jones (University of North Carolina)
Igor Mezic (UC Santa Barbara)
Jon Morgenstern (Columbia University)
Eric Rosenberg (Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General)
Xiaobo Tan (Michigan State)



All sessions will be held in SAS Hall, Room 1102. SAS Hall is located on the North Campus of NC State.

  9:00-9:45   Max Gunzburger -- pdf of talk
Nonlocality and Stochasticity -- Two Emergent Directions for Applied Mathematics
  9:45-10:30   Eric Rosenberg -- pdf of talk
HIV, Organ Transplantation and the Prospects for Optimizing the Immune Response with Quantitative Modeling
  10:30-11:00   Break
  11:00-11:45   Xiaobo Tan -- pdf of talk
Soft Sensing and Actuation Materials: A Systems Perspective
  11:45-1:30   Lunch
  1:30-2:15   Brian Adams -- pdf of talk
Managing Complexity in Simulation-Based Uncertainty Quantification
  2:15-3:00   Dan Cacuci -- pdf of talk
Experimentally Validated “Best Estimate + Uncertainty” Modeling of Complex Systems: The Cornerstone of the Emerging Field of Predictive Science
  3:00-3:30   Break
  3:30-4:15   Chris Jones -- pdf of talk
Mathematical Challenges of Climate Research: Data Assimilation and Uncertainty
  4:15-5:00   Richard Albanese -- pdf of talk
The Extinction Theorem as an Example of Research Vistas in Mathematical Optics


  9:00-9:45   Fioralba Cakoni -- pdf of talk
Transmission Eigenvalues in Inverse Scattering Theory
  9:45-10:30   John Burns -- pdf of talk
Computational and Mathematical Challenges in Modeling, Design, Optimization and Control of Energy Efficient Buildings
  10:30-11:00   Break
  11:00-11:45   Jon Morgenstern -- pdf of talk
Dynamic Systems Modeling of Ecological Momentary Assessment Data Among Problem Drinkers in Treatment
  11:45-1:30   Lunch
  1:30-2:15   Igor Mezic -- pdf of talk
Analysis of Large-Scale Interconnected Dynamical Systems: the Status, the Needs and the Future
  2:15-3:00   Alexander Figotin -- pdf of talk
Electromagnetism as a Fundamental Theory
  3:00-3:30   Break
  3:30-4:00   Poster Previews
  4:30   Reception


Talk Titles and Abstracts:

The list of all abstracts is located on the abstracts page. You can also click individual titles above to go directly to a particular abstract.



The recommended hotel is the Holiday Inn Brownstone. It is the responsibility of attendees to make hotel reservations for the Workshop.

You may call the Brownstone at 1-800-331-7919 which should take you to their "in house" reservations. If for some reason it doesn't, please request the "in house reservations." Then ask for the "NC State University Rate" of $89. You must specifically request this rate.


Shuttle Service

Shuttle service is available both Thursday and Friday from the Holiday Inn Brownstone to SAS Hall, the location of the workshop. A shuttle will leave the Brownstone at 8:25 AM, and a second shuttle will leave at 8:40 AM. If the weather is nice, then you may also walk from the Brownstone to SAS Hall. For visitors who are renting a car or driving their own car and expect to arrive in Raleigh before 8:40 AM, please park in the Holiday Inn Brownstone lot and catch a shuttle in or walk to campus. There will also be return service from SAS Hall to the Brownstone at the end of each conference day. Options for parking on campus are discussed further below.


Walking directions between the Holiday Inn Brownstone and SAS Hall are provided below. The walk between Brownstone and SAS is a pleasant half a mile.

Walking from Holiday Inn to SAS:

View Larger Map

For visitors who will be arriving after 8:40 AM, parking is available at the Cates Avenue Parking Deck, ground level, for $6.00 per day. Walking directions between the parking deck and SAS Hall are provided below.

Walking from Deck to SAS:

View Larger Map


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