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The Amtrak Acela Express in motion
- artist's illustration of speeding 6-car streamlined train with the sunrise in the background. Image copyright Amtrak. Back

The Amtrak Acela Express wheelchair-accessible café - photo through the brightly-lit interior of cafÈ car; down the center of the car is a stand-up bar. Photo copyright Amtrak. Back

The Acela Express accessible business class seating - photo of a blue upholstered seat set into a booth with a work table which folds down from the wall, leaving the floor free for a wheelchair to maneuver. Photo copyright Amtrak. Back

The Acela Express accessible restroom - photo of a spacious restroom; lavatory has cabinet below and large mirror above; the commode is located to the right of the lavatory against the outside wall; a metal grab bar is mounted on the wall directly above and behind the commode. Back

Acela station signs - photo of an overhead yellow-on-black LED display mounted on a column above an outdoor train platform. Photo copyright Amtrak. Back

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