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We appreciate your interests in Universal Design, a global movement of inclusive design practice initiated at NC State University College of Design. The Center for Universal Design is currently not active due to funding challenges. We are working to revive the Center, hopefully in the near future. We are unable at this time to provide assistance to your design inquiries.

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Cover of Accessible Route ADA Standards Tech Sheet

ADA Standards Tech Sheets
Each booklet provides technical drawings to illustrate American with Disabilities Act (ADA) design specifications and compliance. $5 each

Accessible Route , ADAAR.4.3, Barrier Free Environments, Inc., 1994, 23 pp. ADA defined requirements, which describe different types of pedestrian routes through a given facility. Some of the routes describe accessible routes in historic properties, work areas, and dwelling units. Design specifications include width and height, surface textures, slope, doors and levels.
Areas of Rescue Assistance , ADAARA.4.3.11, Barrier Free Environments, Inc., 1994, 22 pp. ADA requires a safe waiting area to be provided at or near inaccessible exits for people who cannot climb stairs. This booklet also describes the importance of two-way communication systems when building evacuation is necessary.
Doors , ADAD.4.13, Barrier Free Environments, Inc., 1994, 12 pp. This booklet contains minimum requirements for making doors ADA accessible. Illustrations provide guidance for the installation of specific types of doors, such as revolving doors and turnstiles, gates and two doors in series.
Lavatories and Mirrors , ADALM.4.19, Barrier Free Environments, Inc., 1994, 7 pp.ADA guidelines for design, location and installation of lavatories and mirrors ensure that a minimum level of access is achieved, requirements that make them usable by everyone.
Medical Care Facilities , ADAMCF.6.0, Barrier Free Environments, Inc., 1994, 17 pp. The passage of ADA broadened the types of medical care facilities that must be accessible under Section 504 of the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards. This booklet discusses modifications to patient bedrooms and patient toilet rooms and highlights general design specifications for medical care facilities.
Toilet Stalls , ADATS.4.17, Barrier Free Environments, Inc., 1994, 12 pp.
These guidelines contain specifications for toilet stalls that include provisions for standard accessible toilet stalls for use by people in wheelchairs and alternate toilet stalls to be installed in special

Cover of The Fair Housing Act Design Manual The Fair Housing Act Design Manual: A Manual to Assist Designers and Builders in Meeting the Accessibility Requirements of the FHA , FHADM.3.99, Barrier Free Environments, Inc., 1996, 295 pp., $10.00
This manual presents technical guidance to help designers and builders meet accessibility requirements for the Fair Housing Act. This book includes information on accessible building entrances, usable bathrooms and kitchens, environment controls, accessible common use areas and also contains a product resource guide.
Note: Available in PDF PDF Icon
Cover of The New Fair Multifamily Housing: A Design Primer to Assist in Understanding the Accessibility Guidelines of the Fair Housing Act , NFMH.1.97, 1996, 36 pp., $5.00
This report provides technical support and assistance to those seeking a basic understanding of the accessibility requirements of the Fair Housing Act. It includes illustrated solutions and examples from built multifamily housing projects across the country and anecdotal reports from the field.
Cover of

North Carolina Accessible Multifamily Housing , AMFNC.1999, NC residents free, Out-of-state $5.00
This booklet highlights the key issues from the July 1999 NC Building Code, which applies to the design and construction of new multifamily housing, focusing on the design of two types of accessible dwelling units.  It also introduces the concept of universal design, through suggestions to improve accessibility.
Note: Available in PDF PDF Icon(10meg)

Image from NC QAP Techsheet

QAP Tech Sheet -- The information is based on the NC Accessibility Code, which has been declared equivalent to the ADA Standards for Accessible Design by the US Department of Justice. Five bathroom plans are shown to offer a wide range of designs that can be considered when designing small but highly usable bathrooms to fit the needs of most people.
Note: Available in PDF PDF Icon

Cover of Fair Housing Amendments Act Accessibility Guidelines Slide Show Fair Housing Amendments Act Accessibility Guidelines Slide Show , FASS.9.97, 1997, $135.00
This 120-slide presentation and accompanying script illustrates the Seven Accessibility Requirements of the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 and the final Fair Housing Guidelines of 1991.
Cover of Transportation Facilities: Bust Stops, Terminals, and Transit Stations Video

Transportation Facilities: Bus Stops, Terminals, and Transit Stations , TFVO.02, Center for Universal Design, 2002, 25 mins., $30.00
This video, funded by the National Easter Seals Project Action, outlines requirements in the ADA Standards for Accessible Design. The video is recommended as a companion piece with the ADA Standards Video Series listed above. Using live footage, computer illustrations and animations, the video highlights dimensions and specific features of the ADA requirements. Working with accessible bus transit facilities, the video illustrates good solutions and demonstrates how persons with disabilities use the elements. Close Captioned.

There is a video clip that you can view.

  Work in Progress: Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act , WIPVO.93, Adaptive Environments, Inc. and Barrier Free Environments, Inc., 1993, 52 mins., $30.00
This video shows some of the actions taken by the county and city government of Rockville, Maryland to comply with the ADA. Some of the topics covered in the video are employment, effective communications, program accessibility, historic structures, accessible playgrounds, and the planning process.
ADA Video Series Brochure Cover

ADA Video Series , $30.00 each
This series of nine videotapes presents the requirements of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards by topic, condensing them into a graphic format that is easy to review and understand. Each videotape is 15 to 30 minutes in length. Each combines live footage with detailed computer-generated illustrations to explain how people with disabilities use the built environment and how the Standards provide a framework to design for accessibility.

#1: Overview and Scope of the ADA standards , in progress.
#2: Accessible Route & Protruding Objects , RPVO.8.97, 1997, 17 mins. (there is a video clip that you can view.)
#3: Human Factors , HFVO.9.99, 2000, 19:12 mins.
#4: Accessible Parking & Curb Ramps , PCVO.8.97, 1997, 19:10 mins
#5: Vertical Circulation , VCVO.7.98, 1998, 21 mins.|
#6: Accessible Doors & Entrances , DEVO.8.97, 1997, 15:40 mins.
#7: Plumbing , in progress.
#8: Communications , COVO.3.98, 1998, 29 mins.
#9: Seating and Assembly Areas , SAVO.3.99, 1999, 14 mins.


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