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We appreciate your interests in Universal Design, a global movement of inclusive design practice initiated at NC State University College of Design. The Center for Universal Design is currently not active due to funding challenges. We are working to revive the Center, hopefully in the near future. We are unable at this time to provide assistance to your design inquiries.

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Image of 1st page of Fact Shett #6

Fact Sheet #6 Housing Definitions: Accessible, Adaptable, and Universal Design , HDFS.4.91, 1991, 3 pp.
Clarifies the differences between the three terms "accessible," "adaptable," and "universal" design.
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Home Modifications and Products for Safety and Ease of Use, 1999
This booklet suggests numerous modifications and products that can help when one’s abilities or physical conditions change. Most of the suggestions address mild- to moderate level problems, which are more typical than severe ones. For example, more suggestions apply to low vision than to total blindness, more to hearing impairment than to profound deafness.
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Image from QAP Tech Sheet

QAP Tech Sheet , Center for Universal Design, 2005
The information in this Tech Sheet is based on the NC Accessibility Code, which has been declared equivalent to the ADA Standards for Accessible Design by the US Department of Justice. Five bathroom plans are shown to offer a wide range of designs that can be considered when designing small but highly usable bathrooms to fit the needs of most people.
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Cover of Simple Solutions: Home Automation Technology for Easy, Safe, and Accessible Living Simple Solutions: Home Automation Technology for Easy, Safe, and Accessible Living , SSHA.7.98, 1998, 50+ pp.
Relatively inexpensive home technology can benefit everyone-including people with disabilities, busy professionals, older adults, and parents of small children. 12 home technology solutions are provided along with information needed to determine what the equipment can do, how to operate it, and what is required for installation.
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Cover of TP#8, Vehicular Transportation

Tech Packs
The Tech Packs are a set of booklets, each of which provides design ideas for a different area of the home.  Design guidance is provided through both written explanation and the use of easy-to-understand illustrations.  One Tech Pack provides information for the novice on how to read and interpret architectural drawings. 

TP #1.00 Bathrooms , BATP.2.94, 1991, 43 pp., $10.00
Provides information on the design of various bathing options for people with disabilities from installation of a standard bathtub to construction of a roll-in shower. Also covered are planning accessible lavatories and toilets and selection and installation of grab bars. Sample floor plans for small, medium, and large bathrooms are included.
TP #1.10 Grab Bars , GBTP.2.93, 1993, 8 pp., $3.00
This technical assistance booklet contains descriptions of different types of grab bars and details on reinforcing walls for grab bar installation.
TP #2.00 Entrances and Site Design , ESTP.2.94, 1991, 40 pp., $10.00
Includes information on the proper grading and placement of a house on a building site to eliminate the need for costly and unsightly ramps and various strategies for designing an attractive accessible entrance, including the use of bridges, berms, earth fill, and retaining walls. Also covered is design of level thresholds and selection of appropriate door hardware and locks.
TP #2.05 Universal Design for Decks, Patios, Porches, and Balconies , DPTP.2.94, 1994, 16 pp., $5.00
Information for making outdoor living areas accessible to all is provided through text and illustrations.
TP #3.00 Doors and Doorways , DDTP.2.94, 1991, 21 pp., $8.00
Covers accessible door sizes, design of accessible thresholds, and adequate maneuvering space at doors to allow a person using a mobility aid to open the door. Also covered is selection of hardware that allows both easy opening and closing of doors, as well as hinge hardware that creates more open space in the doorway.
TP #4.32 Reading Architectural Drawings , ADTP.10.93, 1993, 16 pp., $5.00
The technical aspects of construction drawings are introduced here to provide non-designers with skills for reading and interpreting plans.
TP #5.00 Kitchens , KNTP.2.94, 1991, 41 pp., $10.00
Includes advice on comprehensive kitchen design including how to plan adequate maneuvering space in all areas of the kitchen, detailed information on counter heights and cabinet storage, features to look for when selecting appliances, and sample kitchen floor plans.
TP #6.00 Bedrooms , BDTP.3.94, 1991, 22 pp., $8.00
Offers suggestions for planning accessible bedrooms of all sizes, including planning an accessible route around bedroom furniture, planning adequate space for assisted and unassisted transfers from the bed, suggestions for types of lifts that can be used, planning appropriate electrical outlets, emergency exits, and the planning of all types of accessible closets.
TP #7.00 Windows , WNTP.3.94, 1991, 12 pp., $7.00
Illustrates the types of windows that are easiest to operate by persons with mobility disabilities, proper height of window installation, and selection of windows and locks to match the user's preferences and abilities.
TP #8.00 Vehicular Transportation and Parking , VTTP.3.94, 1991, 26 pp., $7.00
Provides information on the various kinds of vehicles that can be used by people with disabilities, how wheelchairs and scooters can be stowed, as well as how to design accessible home garages and carports.

Cover of Tenant's Guide to Apartment Modifications Tenant's Guide to Apartment Modifications , TGAP.1.97, 1996, Center for Universal Design, 18 pp., $5.00
This booklet presents illustrated ideas for low-cost modifications that are commonly made to rental dwellings. It focuses on the three areas where most accessibility problems occur: entrances, bathrooms, and kitchens.
Cover of UD in Housing

Universal Design in Housing , UDH1.98, Center for Universal Design, 22 pp., Free - LIMIT ONE
This informational pamphlet provides a discussion of "universal design," a checklist of features to look for in housing and references to helpful publications.
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Cover of CRDA House Book

Universal Design Demonstration Home: Design for a Lifetime
This publication describes the process and result of a 2-year design, specification, training and construction process in Atlantic City New Jersey. Funded by The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA), the Universal Design Homes Project was a collaboration with AARP and the Center for Universal Design at NC State University. The project demonstrated the importance of Universal Design in both new construction and remodeling by showcasing affordable new construction and practical universal design features which may be incorporated into all new construction and home remodeling/renovation projects. Two Universal Design Demonstration Homes were designed by the Atlantic City architectural firm of Sykes O’Connor Salerno Hazaveh. This book showcases the larger of the two homes.
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Image of Accessible Home Modifications Slide Show on DVD and Script DVD Accessible Home Modifications Slide Show on DVD and Script , HMSS.1.95, 1995, $40.00
We have modernized our slide show by converting it to DVD and lowered the price by more than half! It provides an overview of problem areas in the home and possible solutions for greater accessibility. It includes sections on entrances, doors and doorways, windows, kitchens, bathrooms, housing controls, and level changes. A hardcopy script describing each picture accompanies the DVD.
Cover of Accessible Stock House Plans Catalog

Accessible Stock House Plans Catalog , ASHP.10.93, 1993
This catalog of floor plans and perspectives for six accessible homes includes accessible features and ordering information for plan sets.
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Cover of Affordable and Universal Homes:  A Plan Book

Affordable and Universal Homes: A Plan Book , AUHPB, 2000, 26 pp., $10.00
This plan book features five affordable and universal floor plans, adapted from new and existing designs. This publication is a result of a collaborative effort with local NC Habitat for Humanity affiliates.
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Cover of Products and Plans for Universal Homes Products and Plans for Universal Homes , ISBN 1881955656, Home Planners, LLC, 2000, 128 pages, $20.00
Features 51 home plans of all sizes and styles, and manufacturer sources of universally-designed products, including 16 categories of information covering 1700 products from over 450 manufacturers.
Next Generation House Mini-Poster Image

The Next Generation House Mini-Poster ( B&W), NGHP1.01, 2001, 11" x 17"
A wonderful color poster, small enough to carry folded in a notebook, which provides a perspective view of the features of a two-story universal home.  Features are labeled and some details are shown in enlarged cameos.
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Next Generation House Mini-Poster Image

The Next Generation House Poster , NGHP7.98, 22.5" x 33", 1997, $5.00
A wonderful wall-sized color poster, which provides a perspective view of the features of a two-story universal home.  Features are labeled and some details are shown in enlarged cameos.
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