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Entrepreneurs, Industry Clusters and Economic Development       

* Achieving Results in Economic Development

* Centennial Campus Video

* Keystone Centennial Science Center

* Teaching Students to Think Outside the Book - New promotional video for the Kenan Fellows Program.
-- This video highlights the perspective of Kenan Fellows, their students, mentors and sponsors.

* The Role of Higher Education in Corporate Recruitment and Job Creation - by Tom White

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Media Planet-Research Park, December, 2009 - A global view into communities of innovation
(An independent supplement from Media Planet distributed within the wall street journal)

  • The Knowledge Economy, with its new features and necessities, has generated its own type of "industrial estate"
  • For Innovation, Research Parks Just Work
  • Urban Research Parks Rebuild Cities From Within
  • Technology Transfer: From Invention to Innovation
  • What Is The Future Of Research Parks?
    (Dr. Zuiches' comments on the open innovation model that Centennial Campus embodies)

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