Overview of Presentation 2: Presenting an Argument
Based upon Principles of Classical Rhetoric

Time Limit: 6 Minutes


In order to "own" the English language, students need to be able to argue effectively. Effective argument can be enhanced by the principles of rhetoric, the art of using language effectively and persuasively. According to Andrea Lunsford, rhetoric is an important skill for ESL students to acquire because it "cultivates memory, reasoning powers, powers of extemporaneous expression, and the ability to defend views." Dr. Lunsford further states that "good writing (and speaking) makes something happen in the world."


In order to prepare for this presentation you are required to submit an outline of your thesis and supporting arguments. The outline should include:
I. An introduction to your topic. (why you have chosen it, why it is important to you)
II. A statement of your thesis (or position/main idea that you will argue/defend)
III. Three supporting reasons that support your thesis
IV. A conclusion that sums up your argument and leaves listeners with a relevant final thought on what you want them to do, think, believe, or understand after listening to your presentation.