FLE 201 Midterm Exam Review: Idioms

1. Yesterday I was all ears when I overheard my professor talking with his TA about the upcoming exam. I have been out of my mind lately, going bananas over this exam. I have also been depressed and bummed out about it because I need to make a really good grade. My professor is a cold fish; he is unfriendly and hard to talk with. He just wants me to agree with everything he says; I'm supposed to be a yes man. I guess I'm barking up the wrong tree if I expect him to care. He's also not a very good teacher. He's always talking about his accomplishments and about how great he is. I don't believe half of what he says. He's full of hot air. Of all the professors in the department, I got the worst one. I got a lemon. If I could get an A an this exam, I would be in 7th heaven. Hopefully, if I study hard enough, the exam will be a piece of cake.

2. I met my friend Mei last night at the Golden China Restaurant. I don't eat out very often, only once in a blue moon, because my bank account is usually in the red. Mei was dressed to kill, wearing a brand new outfit and carrying a new handbag. It was an authentic Gucci bag, the real McCoy. Before we were even seated she began to talk a mile a minute. She was angry about something her boyfriend Sam had done. "I'm sorry that I'm so hot under the collar she began, "but I am totally disgusted with Sam. I don't want to see him again. What he did last night was the last straw. He accused me of coming on to another guy, when, in reality, I was only talking to the guy because he seemed shy. He didn't know anybody else at the party, and I was just trying to make him feel comfortable, to break the ice. I don't want to make you uncomfortable and put you on the spot, but I want your advice. I know it's not easy to be in someone else's shoes and completely relate to someone else's point of view, but I want you to give me a direct answer to my question; please don't beat around the bush. I just want one short answer, in a nutshell. Do you think I should break up with Sam?

to be bummed out
dressed to kill to bark up the wrong tree
to be a cold fish
the last straw in a nutshell
the real McCoy
hot under the collar a yes man
once in a blue moon
to be put on the spot to be in 7th heaven
a piece of cake
to be all ears to go bananas
to be in someone else's shoes
full of hot air to beat around the bush
a lemon
to break the ice in the red /in the black