FLE 400 Homework Recording #2

I. Focus: /th/
Record the paragraph "What Makes You Thin?" from Well Said, p. 227

What makes you thin? Most people think that dieting is the answer, but researchers say that exercise is the best way to be thin. In one study, thirty-two men who were sedentary were put on an exercise program. They walked, jogged, and ran throughout the one-year program. The first thing the study showed was that the men who had exercised the most lost the most weight. The second thing the study revealed was that the men who lost the most weight ate more too. The researchers theorize that fat people don't really eat a lot. Their problem is that they are inactive.

Listen to the passage.

II. Focus: Noun/Verb Pairs
Refer to page 12 of your course packet. Record four of the sentences you constructed for Exercise 8 and record them. Please type the sentences in the text box.

III. Focus:   /^/   /a/ 
Record the following sentences:

1. Please shut the door and lock it.

2. Can you find a pretty cord to wrap around this card?

3. A recent study found that most cops drink five cups of coffee every day.

4. I really like that painting of a duck on a dock.

5. Sorry, but your collar is really an ugly color!

Listen to the sentences.  

IV. Focus: Content vs Function Words
Record Words of Wisdom #1 and #2 (from page 1 of your packet). Record each sentence twice.

1. You are never fully dressed until you wear a smile. (Charley Wiley)

2. A true friend is the best possession. (Ben Franklin)

Listen to Words of Wisdom

V. Focus: Rhythm in Sentences:  Weakened Function Words in Relaxed Speech.
Record the following sentences with proper reduced stress on one-syllable function words.

1. Tell them I'll be there in a minute.

2. Tomorrow it's going to be cold and rainy.

3. Where are the bags of chips?

4. Please leave a message for him and tell him I can't meet him tonight.

5. Do you have time to help her with her homework?

Listen to sentences

VI. Free Speech: What surpised you most when you first came to the US?
Share your opinion in a few sentences.