FLE 400: Recording 3
I. Educational Television: Read each of the following sentences from page 30 in your course packet. Pay attention to proper word stress on all i+vowel words as well as good thought groups.  Some of these sentences will be included in your mid-term exam.
Listen to Educational TV Audio Files


    II. Words of Wisdom: (From page 1 in your course packet) Read each word of wisdom two times. Pay attention to thought groups and focus.   Listen to Words of Wisdom

    It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.

    We have nothing to fear but fear itself.


    III. Reduced function words: Record each sentence. Pay attention to the disappearing /h/ and other unstressed function words. 
    Click to listen to a model of each of the four sentences.

    1. Is he running in the marathon?
    2. Will her car be ready by this evening?
    3. Could he have gotten lost?
    4. That’s what he said.


    IV. Can and can’t: Record each sentence.
    Listen to model sentences.

    1. I can’t call you tomorrow.
    2. I can understand this equation.
    3. He can come to the party.
    4. I can’t be there by 9:00.


    V. Sounds of the –s ending: Read each line paying special attention to the –s ending.
    Listen to model sentences.

    1. opens and closes

    2. cartons and cases

    3. notes and messages

    4. hits and misses

    5. diseases and cures

    VI. VI. Free Speech: What do you think about American food?
    Share your opinion in a few sentences.