FLE 400: Homework Recording 4

I. /r and /l/. Look at the menu on page 178 of Well Said. Note that there are some explanations of some of the entrees on page 179. Imagine you are at a restaurant where this is the menu, and you are very hungry! Place an order (using the menu) by reading the following sentences and inserting your order:

I'd like to order the _________________________(choose an entree).

For my two vegetables I'll have the _______________ and _________________.

On my salad, I would like ___________________ dressing. (choose a salad dressing from p.179)

I'd also like ______________ (choose a drink).

For dessert, I'd like the ___________________ (choose a dessert).

Listen to the passage you just read and evaluate how well you said the /r/ sounds and /l/ sounds.


II. –ate endings. Sentences from exercise 5 on pg. 26 of the course packet. Record your three sentences TWICE. Each sentence should have at least two of the –ate words from the word list for exercise 5. It is imperative that you submit your written sentences to me in so that I can follow along and correct words I may not understand on your recording. There are 3 ways to submit recordings along with text:

1) Via Moodle (Nanogong) and including a "message to the teacher."

2) Via Vocaroo. Save your recording; send me the URL; include your sentences with the email message in which you send the URL.

3) Via an attachment in Windows or MAC sound recorder. Include your sentences in an email containing the attachment.

Listen to your recording to make sure all the -ate words are clear and stressed properly.


III. Words of Wisdom. (From page 1 in your course packet) Read each word of wisdom two times. Pay attention to thought groups and focus

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. (Neil Armstrong)
Genius is one percent inspiration, and ninety-nine percent perspiration. (Thomas Edison)

Listen to Words of Wisdom audio file.


IV. Compound Nouns. Look at the lists of simple compounds and two-noun compounds on page 58 in Well Said. Choose at least three of these compounds that you use frequently or choose three of your own compounds and write typical sentences you might say with them. Record the sentences. It is imperative that you submit to me your written sentences.


V. Record the following telephone conversation between two friends. Pay special attention to which words are focus words, and say them with good pitch change and lengthening.  Remember to reduce function words.

X: Hi, what's up?  What are you doing?
Y: I'm sitting in my bedroom trying to remember my password to a web site.
X: Well, I have a lot of homework, but the book I need is not in my bookcase.  This place is a mess!
Y: My brother is supposed to pick me up in a few minutes.
X: Where are you going?
Y: We're going to check out a new Japanese restaurant.  I hope we make it.
X: Yeah.  You told me your brother is a really reckless driver.
Y. You got that right!  I just pray that we ARRIVE ALIVE!


VI. Free Speech.  Imagine that you are talking to a friend and telling him or her what you did during the last break from classes.  Be brief; a few sentences will suffice.