FLE 400 Recording 5
1. Read the following sentences. Focus on saying the /v/ sound correctly with good thought groups and focus.

A. Would you do me a favor?
B. What kind of advice did she give you?
C. Should I save it or invest it?
D. After twelve years of marriage, they got a divorce.
E. I'd like to invite you to my anniversary party.
F. His fever got worse and worse.

2. Words of Wisdom (From page 1 in your course packet) Read each word of wisdom two times. Pay attention to thought groups and focus.

A pessimist thinks the glass is half-empty; an optimist thinks the glass is half full.

Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.

Listen to Words of Wisdom audio file.

3.  Read the following sentences. Focus on using the correct intonation pattern with good thought groups.

1. Would you rather live in a dorm or an apartment?

2. X: Could I get my grade? Y: Which grade - your exam grade or your course grade?

3. X: What would you like on your sandwich? Y: I"ll have mustard, lettuce, tomato, and pickles.

4. Intonation patterns can convey emotions like excitement, irritation, and disappointment.

5. X: The area code is 202. Y: 202?

6. It's time to eat, Mr. Baker.

4. Review of -ate endings and compounds. Record the paragrahs below, using a conversational style which exhibits strong focus, a wide variation in pitch, and is energetic and smooth.

It irritates me when people are inconsiderate of others. We should deliberately moderate our speech to be kind and polite. Anyone who is a college graduate should be able to articulate opinions appropriately without being obstinate. Legitimate debate dedicated to understanding and compromise should be the goal of literate people.

Saturday I'm going to the fitness center to work out on the weight-training equipment. Then I'm going to Northgate Shopping Center and I have my credit card ready. I want to buy some new sunglasses and a pair of flip-flops. I'm also looking for a new backpack and a sturdy water bottle. Then, I'm going to meet a friend at the Pizza Hut where you can get a flatbread crust. Or we might go to Burger King, but I don't really like hamburgers. I've got a lot of homework, so I'll probably stop by a coffee shop on my way back home. Sunday my roommate and I are going to the Farmer's Market to get some fresh strawberries. We're also going to rent some bikes and take a bike ride around campus and on the brick yard. Then I'll probably come back and prepare for my lab session and work on my research proposal.

5. Free Speech. What do you think about NC State? How do administrators, professors, and students treat international students? What could be done to improve the overall experience for international students? What about ESL courses? Do we need more courses - or different ones?