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The Sounds of American English

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Conversation Styles

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Calendar - Spring 2016

Week 1

No car? No problem! There is a shopping center within walking distance of NCSU.
Check out Cameron Village:
The shops of Cameron Village
Map: How to get to Cameron Village from NCSU

Wolfprowl - Express weekend entertainment transit service to Glenwood South with connections to downtown Raleigh

Course Overview

Introducing yourself

Newborns cry with an accent

After 4 months, you have to start all over

What makes up our accents?

I can interpret in seven languages

Well Said: p.155: Introduction to Consonants

Recording 1 Overview: Pronunciation Diagnostic Assignment

Week 2 
1/11, 1/15
Well Said, p.185: Introduction to Vowels

Well Said: Chapter 2. Dictionary Skills
Review of phonetic symbols

“He Sounds Like He’s Bored” (Coursepack)
Vowel Interjections

Recording 1 (diagnostic) due no later than 1/15

Recording 1 requirements
How to record your assignments
Submit your work at: https://wolfware.ncsu.edu/

American Culture Notes: Dr. Martin Luther King
I Have a Dream
America (My Country 'tis of Thee)

Week 3 

(Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)

Week 4
1/25, 1/27

Well Said: Chapter 7, cont.
If you can raed tihs...
Where Are the Bags of Chips?
What’s the Fastest Way to Send His Packages?

Well Said, p. 162: // and /  / )

Social Problems (Coursepack, p. 20)

Beliefs about Alcohol Addiction Listen to paragraph reading

Well Said, p. 196  // - /a/ and /a/ - // bought vs cot

Well Said, p. 200:  // - / /

Recording 2 due by end of week
Requirements for Recording 2
Record your work at: https://wolfware.ncsu.edu/

Week 5
2/1, 2/3

Use your smartphone to improve pronunciation

Assignment due Monday, February 8:
Humorous Definitions (Coursepack, page 14)
Audio Tutorial:  .mp3 file
Listen to Audio Tutorial and complete work in coursepack.
Overview of i+vowel stress rule
You will have a short quiz on this material Monday.

Well Said: Chapter 10. Phrasing, Pausing, Linking

Nina Weinstein: Smoothing Out English
Contractions and Reduced Forms

Reduced Forms in President Obama's Education Speech
Making Sense of What You Hear
Mad Gabs
Mairzy Doats
More about linking

Well Said
, p.170: // - // - / s / 
Practice with   // - // - // - / /

Educational Television (Coursepack)
Educational Television Audio Files

American Culture Notes: Guess the Category

Week 6
2/8, 2/10

Humorous Definitions Assignment due Monday, February 8

Quiz 2 Wednesday, February 10       Quiz 2 Format

Well Said: Chapter 4 (-s endings)
Opens and Closes (Coursepack)

Cultural Values (Coursepack)

Recording 3 due by end of week
Requirements for Recording 3
Record your work at: https://wolfware.ncsu.edu

Valentine's Day February 14

Week 7
2/15, 2/17

Where Are Your Extra-Large Hats?

Audio Tutorial: Well Said: Chapter 4 (-ed endings)
Listen to audio

Well Said, p.189 - // -  /  /
Well Said: Chapter 8. Thought Groups and Focus Words

Formal vs Informal Language            Rachel's English

Week 8
2/22, 2/24
Quiz 3 Wednesday, February 24
Quiz 3 Format

Well Said: Chapter 8, continued
More practice with rhythm and focus
Audio Tutorial to complete Chapter 8: Listen to audio

Review for midterm exam

Week 9
2/29, 3/2
Midterm Oral Exams (individual appointments)
Midterm Exam Format
Midterm Oral Exam Schedule
Spring Break 3/7 - 3/11 - NO CLASSES
Week 10 
3/14, 3/16

Midterm Oral Presentations, Wednesday, March 16
Requirements for Midterm Oral Presentation
Sample Presentations

View Your Presentation Video
Submit Your Presentation Self-Evaluation

Think Differently

American Culture Notes: St. Patrick's Day

Well Said: Chapter 5. Stress in Words
ping PONG or PING pong?
Lida Baker on Compounding
Blackbirds and Orange Juice

Two-word verbs

More practice with two-word (phrasal) verbs

Phrasal Verb Drink Dispenser

Week 11
3/21, 3/23

Happy Persian New Year

Well Said: Chapter 5, continued

Word Stress: -ate endings (Coursepack)

Well Said, p. 193 - //   / /   //

Well Said, p.174: - /r/ - /l/
How to pronounce the sounds of r and l
Especially for Japanese students
More practice with r and l
Ordering and asking for something

Recording 4 due by end of week
Requirements for Recording 4
Record your work at: https://wolfware.ncsu.edu/

American Culture Notes:

Week 12
3/28, 3/30

Week 13
4/4, 4/6

Quiz 4 Monday, April 4         Quiz Format

Practice idiom skits in class 4/4

Well Said
: Chapter 9, cont
"Valley Girl" talk  

"Punctuating" with your voice

Hey, "YOU," outta the way!

The Vowel Sound /yuw/ (Coursepack)

Idiom Skits Wednesday, 4/6
Week 14
4/11, 4/13
Well Said, p. 180 -/v/, /b/, /w/

Intonation/Inflection Skits

Recording 5 due by the end of the week
Requirements for Recording 5

Record your work at: https://wolfware.ncsu.edu/
Week 15
4/18, 4/20

Practicing discussion skills

Final In-class Oral Presentations Wednesday, April 20
Presentation Format

Week 16
Final Exam Review  Final Exam Review Sheet
Review of compounds and -ate endings

Essay Quiz 5 due before the final oral exam      Quiz Format
  Final Oral Exam
Wednesday, April 27, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm in Withers Hall, Room 145
Final Exam Schedule