FL 495
Principles and Practices

Course Information

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Week 1

Course Overview
Non-English Speakers in the US

Current Immigration Trends
Net migration from Mexico falls
The rise of Asian Americans

Undocumented young people: The Dreamers
New immigration policy

Service Learning Overview

Week 2

Interpreting Basics - test your knowledge
I can interpret in seven languages

Key Interpreting Concepts

Interpreter Qualifications

- Language skills: source vs target language
- Content area knowlege
- Content area vocabulary

Introduction to Sight Translation

What is sight translation?
Inferring meaning from context clues
Inferring meaning from parts of speech: Jabberwocky
Whole-group practice
Partner practice

Interpreter Qualifications, cont.
- Cultural literacy: folklore, superstitions, body    language, gestures
   more about gestures       a presidential faux pas?
   the Wolfpack gesture

Assignment 1:
Be prepared to share two or three gestures/body language differences or issues from a culture of your choice.

Interpersonal skills
Myers-Briggs Type Inventory
Take the test

What you need to know about interpreting for:
- public schools and other educational institutions
- community service agencies
- hospitals and other medical venues
- the courts and legal offices
- the general business environment
- tourism

Guest speaker:
Carrie Holland, Interpreter

Week 3

Body language/gestures assignment due

Preparation for the Job:

Terminology for area-specific contexts
Assignment 2:
Preparation of Glossaries

More sight translation practice

In-class preparation of glossaries. Bring a laptop, tablet or other device with internet access.

Getting Started
In-class practice: Impromptu interpreting
Students will bring role-play scripts to class.

Essential Intepreting Aids
Memory training - practice exercises
Listening techniques - practice exercises

Week 4

Glossaries assignment due
In-class sharing of glossaries

Assignment 3:
Reports on major interpreter employers/associations
Interpreting at the United Nations

Assignment 4:
Use of Idioms

Assignment 5:
Geography/culture presentations

Meta-issues in Interpreting
Codes of Ethics
Ethical dilemmas

More impromptu interpreting practice
Students will bring role-play scripts to class.

Week 5



Assignment 4 (Idioms

Overview of Effective Presentation/Public Speaking Skills
Sample presentation (video)

Essential Intepreting Aids
, continued
Consecutive Notetaking
Consecutive: Notes Explained
La consecutiva: otra demostración
Mixed up letters

Practice exercises

Presentation in second language
Watch your presentation video here

Guest speaker    
Map of Iran    Iran

Week 6

Geography/culture presentations

Summary Review:
Final interpreting practice activity (Students will bring role-play scripts to class.)

Course evaluation

Final exam
Final exam format