FLE 201 Listening Log Assignments
The listening log is a chance for you to practice your listening skills outside of the classroom.  It is also a chance for you to discover new high frequency vocabulary (words that people often use).

Although not the primary purpose of this class, you will also be able to practice your writing skills in the format of short summaries of what you have heard.

What Can I Listen To?
You may listen to whatever you choose: the news, a movie, TV shows, online audio and video files, etc. Please do not use any materials that include a transcript of what you have heard. This defeats the purpose of the exercise. It is also considered plagiarism and a violation of academic integrity.

Content of the Listening Log

Summary: After listening (as many times as you need to), write a short summary in your own words of what you have heard. When writing the summary, do include the main ideas. Do not include all the details. Remember a summary is like a snapshot of the original piece.

Reactions: If you have any comments, reactions, or personal opinions about what you have heard, include them in a new paragraph.

Questions for me: If there is anything you didnít understand, this is your chance to ask me. We will often share answers to these questions in class.

Format for the Listening Log

In the top left hand corner of the first page you must put your name, the date, the title of the assignment (Listening Log 1...2...etc.) and your listening source. Then begin your essay on the same page.

Type and double-space your paper.

The approximate length should be about one typed page.


The log is complete, well written and shows careful listening skills. Ideas are well developed and supported.
The log is adequately written. Some main ideas may be missing, but overall the log demonstrates satisfactory listening skills. Some ideas could be developed more.
The log is incomplete or hastily done.
The log was not turned in, or was late.