Your team will conduct a survey with at least 5 questions, and you will report the results in a formal presentation style.

Think of a topic or issue that you would like to know people’s views about. For example, you could interview American students to find out their views on gun control or the recent presidential election. Another example would be interviewing students about the advantages and disadvantages of studying at NC State.

Survey at least 10 people - the more the better.  Survey participants must be native speakers of English. The survey may not be conducted via the internet.  Its purpose is the give you experience using your English skills to interact with a diverse population.

Your presentation should communicate the following:

You should use at least one visual aid.

Time Limit:  15-20 minutes

Instructor Grading: You will be graded on being prepared and organized, showing enthusiasm for your topic, speaking clearly with good pronunciation and grammar, having good eye contact and voice volume, being comfortable in front of an audience, and engaging the audience's interest.

Self-evaluation: Your presentation will be recorded and the video file will be uploaded to the web. You will watch your video and submit a self-critique.

You will be given time in class to decide on your survey topic, to organize your presentation, and to determine each team member's responsibilities for preparing and executing the survey and for presenting the results in class. Each team member should be given approximately equal time to present.