Carmichael Gymnasium
2611 Cates Avenue

Carmichael Gymnasium, Natatorium and Recreation Center

Buildings from left to right:
Natatorium, Carmichael Gymnasium south entrance, Carmichael Recreation Center

View from MillerField.

Carmichael Gymnasium

Carmichael Gymnasium, north entrance
View from Cates Avenue

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Location: Central Campus

Built 1961

Sq. Footage 354,329

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Carmichael Gymnasium offers an outdoor and indoor track, swimming pools, basketball courts, racquetball courts, and areas for wrestling, boxing, weight lifting and gymnastics. In 1940, William Donald Carmichael (1900-1961) became Vice President and Financial Officer for the three-college, Consolidated University system of the time. After serving in the Air Corps during World War I, Carmichael earned his degree in business administration at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. There, he was active in athletics and had been captain of the basketball team. He became an advertising executive and stock broker in New York before returning to North Carolina.

During his administration, Carmichael supported funding for the completion of the gymnasium, Reynolds Coliseum, a state educational TV system, Burlington Laboratories' nuclear reactor, and the William Neal Reynolds Professorships. One of his characteristic words was "imagineering."

The pool used for swim meets is located in the southwest corner of Carmichael Gymnasium, which is at the corner of Morrill Drive and Cates Avenue. Please see the following link for a map:
It is building 101 and is labeled as Carmichael Gymnasium.
The natatorium is located to the left of the parking lot.
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Carmichael Recreation Center (built 2007)

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