Carter-Finley Stadium

Carter-Finley Stadium, Vaughn Towers, RBC Center (Behind Scoreboard)

Murphy Center

Carter-Finley Stadium
Carter-Finley Stadium: Photographer Michael DeHaan

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Location: West Campus

Carter-Finley Stadium
Original Construction 1966

Total Capacity: 55,571

North Endzone: 7,421
Sideline Upper (east & west): 17,618
Sideline Lower (east & west): 22,364
Towers: 1,931
Chancellor's (west side lower): 84
Director's Box (east side lower): 96
South Endzone (100): 3,918
South Endzone (200): 2,139

Vaughn Towers
(source: NC State University
Athletic Department)
117,000 square feet
955 club seats
430 length in feet
183 height in feet from the field
140 height in feet from the concourse
112 media seats in working press box
87 height in feet from the back
of the upper deck
51 luxury suites
4 levels
4 radio/television booths
2 coaching booths
1 video platform

Murphy Football Center:
Original Construction 2003
108,776 gross square feet
Main Floor: Hall of Champions
See the Murphy Football Center

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The stadium honors Wilbert James (Nick) Carter (1902-1972) , Harry Clifton Carter (1908-1990), and Albert Earle Finley (1895-1985). The two Carter brothers graduated from NC State from the school of Textiles and became top executives in the J. P. Stevens Company. They contributed several hundred thousand dollars to fundraising for completion of the stadium. In 1937, the Carter brothers formed their own company, Carter Fabrics of Greensboro, and merged with the J.P. Stevens Corporation. The family was particularly involved with support of the NC State school of textiles. NC State awarded an honorary Doctor of Textile Science degree to Nick Carter in 1943.

Finley was also a strong supporter of the athletics program at NC State. After two years of business school in Virginia, he became a stenographer for the Baltimore, Chesapeake, and Atlantic Railroad Company, rapidly working his way to a position of secretary to the general manager. Finley, a former US Army 2nd Lieutenant, soon became involved in the sale of heavy construction equipment and eventually started his own business, the Raleigh Tractor and Equipment Company. Finley kept an active interest in supporting the college, and even donated a motel on Western Boulevard to the Wolfpack Club as an athletics dormitory.

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