Case Academic Center

Case Academic Center

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Location: Central Campus

Built 1972

Sq. Footage 22,132

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Inside the Case Academic Center are trophy rooms, offices, kitchen, dining for athletes, and lounges. The center was built on funding organized by the Wolfpack Club and given entirely by private sources. Everett N. Case, for whom the building is named, was known nationwide as the "Old Grey Fox," a name which he earned through his incredible winning record.

Case started coaching basketball at an Indiana high school, where, over the course of 22 years, his record was 726 wins to 75 losses. From there, he coached professional basketball in Indiana starting in 1941, and continued to coach teams at various bases while he was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Navy. When he coached at NC State from 1946-1965, the Thompson Gymnasium (now the Thompson Theater) attracted such huge crowds that it was forced to close due to fire hazards of overcrowding. Under Case's leadership, NC State won 6 championships in the old Southern Conference, 6 out of 7 Dixie Classic Tournaments, and 6 victories over the UNC-CH Tarheels. His total record at the university is 379 wins to 134 losses. The effect of his accomplishments was the introduction of big-time basketball to the South and the popularization of the game for millions of people.

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