New Home for Gregg Museum of Art and Design in 2016
430 Hillsborough Street

North Elevation

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Location: North Campus

Built 1928

Sq. Footage 7,950

Architect Hobart Upjohn

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NC State University Chancellor's Residence History

· July 1912: Property was purchased at a cost of $15,000

· 1923: Board of Trustees granted the Chancellor (then called the President of the College) a residence, but in lieu of an actual building approved a $1,500 yearly
stipend instead.

· 1927: Funding for a building was approved by the legislature

· 1927-1928: Building was designed and constructed. Designer was New York architect Hobart Upjohn, who also designed Bagwell, Brooks, Daniels, Gold, Page,
Peele, Polk, and Welch Halls, along with renovation designs of several other buildings

· June 1928: Building substantially completed at a cost of $30,000 (7,950 sf)
· At this time, the stipend was withdrawn. (The stipend was added to the President's yearly $8,500 salary.)
· The Board of Trustees declared upon completion that the house "together with the landscape work done in its vicinity, transforms a perennial eyesore into one of the most beautiful spots on the campus."

· 1944: kitchen was added/renovated

· 1959: Another alteration occurred

· 1968 and 1976: Further renovations occurred

· 1998: Additional renovations

Following information was excerpted from North Carolina State University: A Pictorial History, Murray Scott Downs and Burton F. Beers 1986:
"Earlier presidents had resided in Victorian houses across Hillsboro Road from the campus. The aggressive building program of President Brooks, however, included a presidential residence. Located on a neglected tract east of the entrance to the campus and near Pullen Memorial Baptist Church, the house (above, an early view shows what was originally designed as the front but became the rear) was intended not only as a comfortable home but also a facility that would accommodate the many social activities that were an important aspect of the president’s duties. The tasteful landscaping of the residence (right) was a feature of the building program that extended to other parts of the campus. College drives and walks were paved, and an exterior lighting system was installed."

In 2011, the Chancellor moved into the new residence, The Point, located on Centennial Campus.

This building will become the new home for the Gregg Museum of Art & Design. The estimated completion date for this project is 2016. The new Gregg will include the 1927 residence designed by Hobart Upjohn, a 15,000+ square foot contemporary addition designed by the Freelon Group, and various outdoor spaces designed by Surface 678 (formerly Lappas + Havener).

The Gregg offices and collections are now located in temporary swing space at 516 Brickhaven Drive, Suite 200.

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