Environmental Health and Safety Center

Environmental Health and Safety Center

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Location: Central Campus

Built 1994

Sq. Footage 20,000

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The EH&S Center is located directly behind the Administrative Services building off Sullivan Drive. The Center is staffed by professionals in radiation safety, industrial hygiene, environmental affairs, and health and safety. The staff administers and implements occupational health and safety policies on campus and manages the hazardous waste collection and disposal programs. In addition, the Center includes a training room so faculty, students, and staff can receive health and safety training and employee orientation. Our mission is to provide educational, technical, and operational support to promote an environmentally safe and healthy workplace in cooperation with all employees, students, visitors, and the surrounding community.

Under North Carolina law, the Center can only handle hazardous waste generated by NC State University. Waste is stored on a temporary basis prior to shipment by contractors for disposal. The facility is constructed with fire-resistant materials, has a special sprinkler system designed to extinguish chemical fires, and contains emergency power backup.

The Environmental Health and Safety Center and Public Safety Center are part of the Leffler Environmental Health and Public Safety Complex named for Charles D. Leffler, Vice Chancellor Emeritus for Finance and Administration. Vice Chancellor Leffler retired on September 30, 2015 after 31 years of service to NC State.

During that time, Vice Chancellor Leffler provided leadership during the capital construction program of 2000, guided the physical development of all campus precincts with the most extensive being Centennial Campus. He enhanced community relationships, strengthening “town-gown” relations, and strengthened security measures for campus by developing a more sophisticated environmental health and public safety program at the university.

The NC State Alumni Association also recognized Vice Chancellor Leffler with the Honorary Alumnus Award in 2015, citing his longtime dedication to the university’s best interests.

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