Harrelson Hall

Harrelson Hall - NCSU Bookstore Entrance
View from Northwest

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Location: North Campus

Built 1961

Sq. Footage 109,953

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Harrelson Hall is the first cylindrical classroom structure ever built on a university campus. It has a 206 foot diameter, and provides an unusual focal point for the university plaza--a brick-paved courtyard reminiscent of St. Mark's Square in Venice. Halls and faculty offices are located on the rim, while lecture rooms are along the inner part of the building. The structure is honored with the name of John William Harrelson (1885-1955), the first alumnus to serve NC State as chief administrator.

Harrelson, a mechanical engineering student, demonstrated his leadership skills as president of the senior class, president of the Mechanical Society, captain of the student military unit, class historian, business manager of the Agromeck, and valedictorian of the class of 1907. He paid his expenses by pressing the clothes of fellow classmates, working nights for 12 cents an hour, and turning out the campus lights each night at 11 pm. By 1933, Harrelson had become full professor and head of the Department of Mathematics. From 1934-1953, Harrelson was dean of administration and chancellor, taking a leave of absence to serve as a Colonel in WWI, and Deputy Chief of specialized training in WWII. Harrelson, known as "Colonel" by students and faculty, became college archivist when he retired. He left a $100,000 donation to NC State for art purchases and a lecture series.

In June of 2011, NC State Bookstore's main headquarters moved to its temporary location in Harrelson Hall. Harrelson Hall, is the circular building conveniently located on main campus overlooking the Brickyard and D.H. Hill Library. The Bookstore enclosed the open walkway on the ground level of Harrelson to accommodate all of the services provided in the previous bookstore. The temporary location enables the bookstore to continually serve the university during the Talley Student Center reconstruction project.

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