Weisiger-Brown General Athletics Facility

Weisiger-Brown Athletics Facility

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Location: Central Campus

Built 1982;
Addition, 1994

Sq. Footage
Main Bldg: 33,828
Addition: 36,000

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This handsome contemporary structure contains 69, 828 square feet. It is named for Leslie M. Weisiger (1895-1980) and Pleasant Luther Brown (1918-1981), who were ardent Wolfpack supporters, though neither attended NC State.

Weisiger graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1917 to enter the paving business. He later purchased the Caterpillar tractor franchise and become principal owner of the Carolina Tractor and Equipment Company. Weisiger's involvement with NC State began through his son, Edward I., who received a degree in mechanical engineering from the University in 1954. While his son served in Germany in the Army, Weisiger signed up as a member of the Wolfpack Club and became an enthusiastic fan.

His son later became president of the equipment company and continued the family's support of athletics. Starting in 1969 he served as a director and president of the Wolfpack Club 1990-91; chairman of the University Board of Trustees, 1986-87; chairman of the fund-raising committee for the center, a director of the Endowment Board, and has served several terms as a trustee, beginning in 1981.

Brown graduated from Davidson College in South Carolina. He began a business career in lumber and later opened a manufacturing plant. Brown bought the Pender Gas and Oil Company, and had large lumber interests. Throughout his adult life he started and maintained an active interest in the Wolfpack Club.

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