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Call for manuscripts

High quality manuscripts on topics relevant to today’s issues are sought from professionals in family and consumer sciences or related fields. The Forum provides an interdisciplinary audience for the presentation of research and applied research findings,  programs, conceptual and programmatic innovations, and scholarly exchange in the area of family and consumer issues.

The Forum for Family and Consumer Issues (FFCI) is a national e-journal that gives Extension professionals an avenue for publishing refereed articles that fulfill Extension's mission of "Helping people put knowledge to work." Articles published in The Forum often have impacts that traditional professional and academic journals do not because The Forum appeals to a diverse audience that includes educators, professionals, and lay people.

The Forum knows no geographical boundaries. It brought an educational program originating in New Jersey to a rural county in North Carolina. An article written by a Kentucky Extension specialist changed the way lawyers in another state advise their clients. The Forum helped a nursing home in Virginia evaluate a proposed change in the way it cares for its patients. True to its mission, The Forum publishes articles that make a difference - that have "impact beyond the profession."

The Forum invites the submission of manuscripts from professionals in Family and Consumer Sciences or related fields of study. Manuscripts appropriate for publication include topics on

The following types of manuscripts are refereed by at least three Editorial Board members, reviewers, and/or professionals in the same or related field of study:

The following types of non-refereed manuscripts are screened by the editor or an associate editor:

Visit our Master Table of Contents and review the submission guidelines and style guide.

Manuscripts may be submitted electronically as an e-mail attached MS-Word compatible document or HTML file to
Carolyn L. Bird, Editor-in-Chief, FFCI
e-mail: ffci@ncsu.edu

If you have questions, please contact the Editor at ffci@ncsu.edu

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