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Types of articles published in FFCI

The Forum for Family and Consumer Issues (FFCI) is a refereed publication that seeks to enhance knowledge about matters of current interest to professionals in Family and Consumer Sciences, as well as to clientele. Articles published in FFCI further the mission of Extension by facilitating the transfer and application of research-based and evidence-based knowledge.

We invite the submission of articles from professionals in Family and Consumer Sciences, or related fields of study. Articles appropriate for our publication include articles on

Contributions solicited for main articles include critical analysis and interpretation of major trends, research with clear implications for Extension programming, and descriptions of research-based or evidence-based programs and outcomes. Contributions solicited for program articles include descriptions of promising programs and pilot projects. For more information about the kind of articles solicited, read the Editor's Corner of the Summer 1998 issue. See also, "Impact beyond the profession."

The following types of manuscripts are refereed by at least three Editorial Board members, reviewers, and/or professionals in the same or related field of study:

The following types of non-refereed manuscripts are screened by the Editor or an Associate Editor

Manuscripts may be submitted at any time. For manuscripts accepted in the first round of reviews, the estimated timeframe from submission to publication is as follows

January 1 -- Spring Issue
May 1 -- Summer Issue
September 1 -- Fall/Winter Issue

Please review the guidelines for submitting articles below. Also, please review the style guide.

Manuscripts should be submitted to:
The Forum at: ffci@ncsu.edu

Inquiries should be made to
Carolyn L. Bird, Editor-in-Chief
North Carolina State University
Campus Box 7606
Raleigh, NC 27695-7606
Telephone: 919-513-7793

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