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Vivek Fellner

Assistant Professor
Department of Animal Science
Box 7621, 245-A Polk Hall
Phone: 919/515-4018
Fax: 919/515-7780

Job Description: Develop a research program in ruminant nutrition using dairy cattle as the animal model. Areas of investigation include ruminal function, forage utilization, lipid metabolism, microbial physiology, methane production and nutrition-production relationships. Teaching interests include Applied Animal Nutrition, Dairy Cattle Management and Advanced Ruminant Nutrition.

Role in Forage Group: Understand forage fiber digestion kinetics. Monitor changes in ruminal fermentation pattern as a result of dietary induced shifts in microbial populations. Measure the production of gas (mathane and carbon dioxide) during the fermentation of feed by ruminal bacteria. Overall goal is to be able o increase the ffficiency of ruminant production by modulating microbial ecology in the ruman and reducting the loss of energy in the form of methane output.

The following two objectives would best describe this program:

  1. To improve Environmental Quality through Forage Use
  2. To understand and manage Forage/Animal Interactions.

Vivek Fellner - Animal Science

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