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Jim Green Jr.

Department of Crop Science
Box 7620, 2413 Williams Hall
Phone: 919/515-2390
Fax: 919/515-8555

Job Description: I have a split appointment (74% Extension: 26 % Teaching). I teach two courses (CS 051-Forage Production; CS 312- Grassland Management for Natural Resources Conservation and Livestock Feed). Extension efforts focus on training programs related to grassland management, especially grazing practices which impact utilization efficiency, animal performance, waste utilization and natural resource protection. My effort is primarily with beef and dairy animals, however I occasionally conduct demonstrations/ training involving horses, sheep, goats, ostriches and wildlife. I am responsible for forage cultivar/specie evaluations for yield and persistence.

Role in Forage Group: I help coordinate and teach in the NC Grazing Schools (for beef, dairy, small ruminants), NRCS National Training Course (Pastureland Ecology), and training of Public Agency workers. I am active in the projects for pasture based dairy systems in Raleigh and Goldsboro and and the Eastern NC Beef Cattle Project at the Center for Environmental Farming Systems in Goldsboro. I serve as the liaison for the NC Forage & Grassland Council. We have graduate students working on stockpiled fescue management, Bermuda balage, monitoring Realistic Yields on waste application sites, nutrient uptake from animal waste by various forages and developing training guides for plant identification and field site evaluations.


Jim Green - Crop Science

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