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Jean-Marie Luginbuhl

Department of Crop Science
Box 7620, Williams Hall
Phone: 919/515-8743
Fax: 919/515-5855

Job Description: I have a 60% Research and 40% Extension appointment with the position split equally between the Departments of Animal Science and Crop Science. In that position, I am responsible for conducting research with meat goats and guiding the development of the emerging meat goat industry while working with farmers, county extension agents, commodity associations, and faculty from various NCSU departments and other institutions based in NC and the Southeast.

Role in Forage Group: My currents research interests focus on the development of sustainable forage/browse-based feeding systems for meat goats, the use of goats in biocontrol of brush-infested pastures and woodlots, the development of alternatives to anthelmintics for the control of gastrointestinal parasites, and strategic supplementation of forage-based diets for meat goats.


Jean-Marie Luginbuhl - Crop Science

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