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Matt Poore

Ruminant Nutrition Extension Specialist
Department of Animal Science
Box 7621, 111-B Polk Hall
Phone: 919/515-7798
Fax: 919/515-9061

Job Description: I conduct applied research primarily with beef cattle with a minor effort in small ruminants (sheep and goats). My research is in the areas of byproduct feeds and forage utilization. I also deliver educational programs in all aspects of beef nutrition with an emphasis on supplements (mineral and otherwise), forage utilization and byproduct feeds. Currently I am co-coordinator of the North Carolina Grazing Schools for Beef Producers, and the leader of the Eastern North Carolina Beef Cattle Project located at the Center for Environmental Farming Systems at Goldsboro.

Role in Forage Group: I have an interest in all research and educational aspects of the program. Currently I am deeply involved in the NC Grazing School program, and am focusing most of my forage-based research on better understanding the utilization of stockpiled fescue. I also have an interest in the flow of nutrients through forage-based animal waste management systems. Recently I have been providing some leadership to the group in our effort to build a balanced forage program at NCSU.


Matt Poore - Animal Science

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