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Noah Ranells

Extension Associate
Department of Crop Science
Box 7620, Williams Hall
Phone: 919/515-7597
Fax: 919/515-5855
Job Description: Design and implementation of an educational program on the use of crops for utilization of nutrients of animal and municipal wastes, as well as fertilizer in grazed and ungrazed management systems. Responsibilities include conducting training programs for field faculty, other public agency workers, farmers and industry representatives. 

Role in Forage Group: Current focus is on nutrient cycling in forage crops receiving swine effluent. Future plans include the role of forages in cover crop systems, compost, and soil quality.


Nitrogen Rate Effects on Water Quality and Forage Production
Minimizing impacts of swine lagoon effluent on quality of receiving waters through efficient crop utilization of nutrients
Efficient crop utilization of nutrients contained in swine lagoon effluent


Noah N. Ranells - Crop Science

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