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GrassAlaina Sauve`


Graduate Student
Department of Animal Science
Box 7621, 208 Polk Hall
Phone: 919/515-4004
Fax: 919/515-4463
About Me: My name is Alaina Sauve`, and I am a new graduate student working towards my master's degree under the direction of Dr. Gerald Huntington. We are working with Dr. Burns in studying the differences in hays, specifically gamagrass, harvested in the PM versus the AM. There are differences in the total non-structural carbohydrate portion of the plant according to what time of day it is harvested, and we believe this affects the extent that the animal is able to utilize the nutrients. We will be focusing on the voluntary intake and nitrogen metabolism of goats consuming this grass, in which half will be given a supplemental protein source. Our actual experiment will begin mid-October at the Metabolism Educational Unit.
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