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Lori Unruh

Graduate Student 

Department of Crop Science

Box 7620, Williams Hall 

Phone: 919/513-1010

Fax: 919/515-5855


My specific interest is in silvo-pasture agroforestry. My research has focused on several aspects of the leguminous tree, black locust (Robina psuedoacacia). I have generated data on the herbaceous biomass production, as well as the intake and digestibility of the black locust foliage fed to meat goats. Also, I am interested in investigating tannins, phenolic compounds found in many plants. Tannins usually bind to both dietary and microbial protein. In order to conduct this research, the chemistry of the polyphenols will have to be analyzed to understand the mechanism of toxicity to the goat species. In addition, I am interested in the international grassland management projects that are currently taking place in Latin America (Coast Rica, Cuba and Honduras) by my major advisor, Dr. J. Paul Mueller. 

My role in the forage group: I have participated as a lab teaching assistant for the forage class. Also, I help with our meat goat program through my contributions in silvo-pasture agroforestry. 

Lori Unruh- Crop Science

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