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Sharon Freeman 

Graduate Student  

Department of Animal Science  

Box 7621, Polk Hall  

Phone: 919/851-1803  

Fax: 919/515-4463  


Job Description: As "manager" of the Metabolism Education Unit (I manage to get the work done), I oversee the forage research of numerous faculty and graduate students. I try to run the unit to provide as close to ideal research conditions as is possible given the facilities available. We can provide individual intake data for both large and small ruminants with our Calan gate feeding area and plastic pens, respectively. We also have facilities for digestion/balance trials as well. My daily activities include feeding, sample collection, recording of data, bookkeeping, and, as always when animals are involved, clear up. 

Role in Forage Group: My role in this group is two-fold. As a technician with 18 ½ years of experience, I can provide useful information to researchers as they develop research plans. I am able to help trouble shoot trials as they begin or progress to insure high quality work. As a graduate student, my interest in byproducts may bring new information to the group and open doors to new avenues of research at the Metabolism Educational Unit. I hope to be able to apply my knowledge some day in Ag. Extension and make it available to producers in a form that meets their needs. 

Sharon Freeman - Animal Science

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