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Additional Resources

The following pages contain GIS and GIS related Internet resources. This collection is constantly being updated. If you should have any suggested sites for lessons, information, or research related to GIS please contact the GIS in Education webmaster.


GIS Resources

This page includes GIS Internet resources. Resources include links to data, GIS lists, companies and GIS dictionaries.

GPS Resources

The GPS resources include introductory references, GPS companies, activities and other valuable GPS information.

Earth Fun and Weather

The internet resources found on this page include activities, programs, information, and maps related to the Earth and Weather.

Companies and Agencies

GIS and GIS related companies and the resources they provideare found on this page. Included are federal, state and local agencies.

Journals and Publications

Selected journals, publications, articles, and listservs for GIS and GIS related fields can be found on this page.

Remote Sensing, Geodesy and GeoPhysics

The resources found on this page include information about the earth's shape, size and features and how they are studied. Remote sensing and photogrammetry information is also referenced.

Other Suggested Links

This collection of GIS internet resources has been collected by the GIS in Education students over the past several years. Many sites found in these suggestions include hands-on activites and projects that are useful for classroom teachers.




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