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What is GIS?

GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems

GIS is a mapping technology that allows the user to create and interact with a variety of maps and data sources. GIS integrates databases with georeferenced spatial data (maps tied to specific known locations). In other words GIS allows the user to create visual displays of tabular information. In a GIS the user is able to decide how the data will be displayed. GIS projects can range from global projects to site specific (such as a school and schoolyard). Educators and their students can collect and create their own data and uste the GIS to display the data and analyze the results.

Some companies such as ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) offer special discounts to educators and schools. Site licenses, district wide licenses and individual liscensing is typically available based on your needs. ESRI ArcView and ArcGIS products are used in our course GIS in Education offered at North Carolina State University. You will find that they are mentioned often in this website however there are many other GIS software companies and products available.

Why use GIS in the Classroom?



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