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April: Realistic

Nothing but the Truth

Activity #1: (ACTING) Divide the class into groups of four and reenact the scene in which Philip hummed the National Anthem. One person in the group can play the part of Mrs. Narwin, another Philip, and the last two can play other students (such as Allison and Ben). Try to come up with a scenario that might have avoided the conflict that arose. How might the characters have acted (and reacted to each other) differently? Take turns presenting your scenarios to the class and decide together which was the most effective.

Activity #2: (DISCUSSION/WRITING) Schools in the United States have been criticized for becoming more and more permissive. Discuss this topic as a class then brainstorm in pairs the behaviors that occur in schools today that would not have been permitted in the past. Is a permissive environment more or less conducive to learning? Write a journal entry explaining your views on this topic.

Activity # 3: (CONTEST) Nothing But the Truth is a thought-provoking title for this novel. See if anyone in your class can come up with an equally compelling title.

Nothing But the Truth by Avi was published in 1991 by Avon Books, NY NY.

For more information on the author AVI.