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Walk Two Moons

The authors of the Global Book Club are happy to post the following contribution from Toni, a fifth grader from the Upward Elementary School in Flat Rock, North Carolina. Toni recently readWalk Two Moons and wrote a monologue in the voice of the main character, Salamanca.


Hi ! My name is Salamanca, but everyone calls me Sal.

I went on a trip with my Gram and Gramps to see my mother before her

birthday. She left me when I was younger. She died in a bus accident so I am

going to visit her grave, I guess. I still don't believe that she is dead.

I never have told anyone about it. Not even my best friend, Phoebe


She is my best friend in my neighborhood. She was kind of weird. Her mom

left her, too. She was convinced that someone stole her. She also believed

there was a lunatic leaving her little notes on her doorstep. The lunatic

turned out to be her brother and the person leaving the messages was an old

lady that was her neighbor. I believe her name was Mrs. Partridge. She was

blind. She was getting the messages out of the newspaper.

Ben is this boy in my class. He likes me. . .at least I think he does. I

like him, too. He is really neat and nice except for when he says I flinch.

I DO NOT FLINCH!! Well, maybe I do. . .a little.

On my trip Gram got bit by a snake. She later died. I miss her a lot! So

does Gramps. I miss my mom a lot, too!!

Well, I have to go. Phoebe wants to go play. Bye!