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Welcome to the Global Book Club! The purpose of this site is to highlight and share three outstanding Young Adult novels each month. Although the novels are grouped thematically on a month-by-month basis, we encourage you to choose novels to work with from any category at any time. Once the site has begun to generate activity, we will add new novels and categories on a regular basis.

The authors of the Global Book Club are experienced middle school teachers who offer numerous novel-by-novel activites for you to peruse and try out with your classes. We will be delighted to share your project results online and encourage you to send us favorite activities you have developed for these novels. When you use our interactive form, at Publish Your Projects, please follow up with an email message so we can get back to you immediately.

Another use of this site is to establish electronic dialogue journals between your students and other students from around the world. Students are encouraged to send their electronic journal entries to other students to initiate dialogue about the novels by way of email. If you are interested in having your class participate in such an activity, e-mail the Webmasters.

To navigate this site, click on underlined text. The Books of the Month link takes you to a list of thematically grouped novels. The Publish Your Project link is the interactive form that allows you to share your work. You can see others' projects using theView Projects link. For information on the creators of this site, click on E-Mail the Webmasters.