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September: Adventure/Survival

Out of the Dust

Activity # 1: (WRITING) This novel was written in free verse poetic style. Try your hand at this style by writing a series of free verse poems from Billie Jo's perspective ten years after the book closes. What do you think became of her ?

Activity # 2: (RESEARCHING) The Dust Bowl was a period in American history that severely affected many mid-western citizens. Research some of the effects of the Dust Bowl on the people and their land. Many photographers were intrigued by the images of devastation that marked this period (e.g. Walker Evans and Dorothea Lang). See if you can locate any of their photographs.

Activity #3: (SPEAKING) Choose one of the poems and present it as a dramatic reading. Include props to heighten the effect of your presentation.

Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse was published in 1997 by Scholastic Inc., NY NY

For information on the author KAREN HESSE