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October: Mystery

The Ghost Belonged To Me

Activity # 1: (ART) Illustrate one of the more eerie scenes from this book. We suggest trying your hand at a picture of the barn behind Alexander's house. A night scene with the ghostly light shining from the windows would be effective.

Activity # 2: (SPEAKING) Set your classroom up to look like a campsite. It is night time and you are sitting around the campfire telling ghost stories. Ask everyone in the class to take turns sharing stories that have happened to them that were hard to explain. Allow for some exaggeration, explaining that this is at the heart of most ghost stories.

Activity #3: (WRITING) Write a lead to a mystery story, not longer than one or two pages, that "'hooks" the reader to read on. Be sure to include foreshadowing and vivid imagery. Keep in mind that subtlety is sometimes more effective than blood and gore. How frightening it can be when something you thought you could trust reveals an evil side!

The Ghost Belonged to Me by Richard Peck was published in 1975 by Penguin Putnam Inc., NY NY.

For information on the author RICHARD PECK.