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October: Mystery

A Gift of Magic

Activity # 1: (DEBATE) Divide the class in half and discuss the pros and cons of having ESP - particularly the ability to see what will happen in the future. Face each other in two half-circles and give each member of the team one minute to present a salient point. Speakers who are rebutting should directly argue against the point just made by the opposition.

Activity # 2: (WRITING) The main characters in this book were each blessed with a special talent. Write a journal page describing what special talent you would most like to have and why. Think of how this talent might affect not only your life, but the lives of the people around you.

Activity # 3: (ART) In groups of two to four students, make a 3D collage representing themes and images that were key to the plot of this novel. Make the collage as visually appealing as you can. Exchange collages with other groups. Based on the collage your group has received, explain the plot and message of the novel.

A Gift of Magic by Lois Duncan was published in 1971 by Little, Brown and Co., Boston, MA.

For information on the author LOIS DUNCAN.