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April: Realistic

Harriet the Spy

Activity #1: (WRITING) Write a short narrative story about a time that you said something you immediately wished you could have retracted. What you said may have hurt another person (friend or family member). Begin your story with a definite setting and character description to ensure that your readers become involved. Go on to describe what you said, what prompted you to say it, and how the other person reacted. End your story with the outcome of this conflict.

Activity #2: (ARTISTIC/MUSICAL) In groups of three, write a ballad that tells the ups and downs of Harriet Welsh. Include some of her personality quirks. Set your ballad to a popular tune and perform it for the class.

Activity #3: (DISCUSSION) Ole Golly was more than just a character in this novel; she functioned as a symbol in Harriet's growth. Discuss what you think Ole Golly represented and why she was so vital to Harriet's story.

Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh was published in 1964 by HarperCollins Inc., NY NY.