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April: Realistic

Walk Two Moons

Activity #1: (DISCUSSION) While Phoebe's family appeared to be happy and successful, they had many underlying problems. Make a T-Chart listing what seemed positive about Phoebe's family vs. signs of potential problems. Discuss the chart and ways Phoebe's family might have improved their situation before it became a crisis.

Activity #2: (SEARCH) Sharon Creech used sound imagery throughout this novel. In many cases she linked the use of this imagery with personification. Divide the book into sections, then work in pairs to find as many instances as you can of the use of sound to heighten the effect of the story. Try rewriting some of the sound images using your own words.

Activity #3: (ART) On their trip to Idaho, Sal and her grandparents stopped to see Mt. Rushmore. Sal wished there were more diverse faces included in this national monument. As a class, paint a paper wall mural of Mt. Rushmore. Add faces of outstanding human beings who deserve to be part of the monument in your opinion.

Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech was published in 1994 by HarperCollins Inc., NY NY

For information on the author SHARON CREECH.