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Bridge to Terabithia


 The authors of the Global Book Club are happy to post the following contribution from 5th Grader Cameron from Dana Elementary School. Cameron read Katherine Paterson's Bridge to Terabithia and wrote her own Chapter Fourteen, a follow-up to the story.

The Returning of the King

It is eight years after Leslie's death and Jess has just graduated from high school. Jess and his family moved three years ago and things have not been the same for Jess lately.

"I guess I could drive back to our old house just for a visit," Jesse thinks as he is driving back home from his work. So he does a quick U-turn and takes the thirty-five mile trip back to his old house. Once he arrives, he runs to Terabithia as fast as he can. The bridge is still there and a piece of the rope is still hanging on the old tree. He runs across the bridge excitedly, anxious to see Terabithia now. Everything is exactly the same as it was eight years ago! The hut is still there and everything. Jess runs to the grove of pines. The reef he had made for Leslie is still lying there. Everything is exactly the same there, too, but the pine needles are now brownish red like mud instead of gold like the sun.

Suddenly Jess hears a loud bark. It is P.T. (Prince Terrian). He has returned to Terabithia. The dog suddenly jumps up and knocks Jess down while licking his face. Jess is so excited that he brings P.T. back to the car with him but on the way Jess looks down in the creek bed. There lies a pad of watercolor paints. It is the one Leslie gave Jess for Christmas. P.T. jumps down in the creek bed and returns them to their rightful owner.