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Red Buckeye (Aesculus pavia)

Red Buckeye is a small, deciduous tree that may grow 15 to 25 feet tall. The leaves are opposite, palmately compound with 5 elliptical leaflets that have a toothed margin. The bark is splotchy, gray-brown, and initially smooth, but with size will develop scaly patches. In spring, tubular, red flowers mature in 4 to 7 inch upright clusters. The small tree produces 1 to 3 shiny brown seeds contained in a three-parted smooth husk.


Hummingbirds feed on nectar from flowers in the early spring. Seeds are eaten by squirrels.

Plant Type Tree 10-30 feet
Leaf Type Deciduous
Deer Resistance Moderate
Regions Piedmont, Coastal Plain
Soil Moist
Bloom Times Early Spring
Seed Times Fall
Wildlife Value Hummingbird Nectar
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