Master's Comprehensive Examination

Written Examination

Written examinations covering the subject matter of the major and the minor may be required. Information concerning written examination schedules should be obtained from the student's program.

Oral Examination

Candidates for master's degrees, except those in Option B programs, must pass a comprehensive oral examination to demonstrate to the advisory committee that he/she possesses a reasonable mastery of the subject matter of the major and minor fields and that this knowledge can be used with promptness and accuracy. This exam takes the form of a traditional defense of the thesis in those programs requiring theses. In programs that require a thesis, the thesis must be submitted in complete form, except for such revisions which may be necessary as a result of the final oral exam, to all members of the advisory committee at least two (2) weeks prior to the exam. 

Failure of a student to pass the oral examination terminates the student's graduate work at NC State unless the graduate advisory committee unanimously requests that the Graduate School permit a re-examination. Only one re-examination will be given.

Oral examinations where one or more of the participants are located remotely from the others may occasionally become necessary, but they should never be normal practice. If such circumstances arise, please see Section 3.6 of the Graduate Handbook for rules requesting and conducting a remote exam.